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We are a professional passport and visa processing agency with over 26 years of experience serving travel professionals, tour operators, as well as corporate and individual international travelers.

Whether you require a U.S. passport, a tourist or a business visa, our reliable and expert consultants can assist you. Need your passport or travel visa rushed? We can expedite your passport, and rush your visa on very short notice. No matter where you are located in the U.S. We are a one-stop location for all your travel related needs. We make the impossible, possible.

Please note: we only provide visa services for U.S. citizens and legal residents of the US, needing to travel outside of the U.S.

Please note: We are pleased to announce that we are resuming accepting passport applications for expedited processing at speeds that are close to pre-pandemic turnaround times.  At this time, we can offer three speeds: Regular Expedited, Rush Processing and Ultra Rush Processing.  For example, currently, in as little as a few days (depending on current availability) you can have a new or renewed passport back in your hands.  Since we are registered to hand carry your application into the US Department of State, these turn-around times are significantly less than mail-in or on-line methods that are publicly available.    If you need to expedite your passport, or simply planning ahead for an upcoming trip, please contact an Ambassador Passport and Visa consultant at 310-828-7878 for the latest availabilities and turnaround times.


Passport Services

We can assist you in obtaining first time passports, passport renewals, replacement of lost passports, passport amendments such as extension of limited passports, extra passport pages, name change, as well as second valid passports, on an expedited basis.


Visa Services

We provide expedited visa processing for U.S. citizens, and assist U.S. permanent residents, and Canadian citizens with obtaining visas for most countries, including tourist and business visas. Our fast, reliable, and efficient services enable today’s international travelers to depart on a very short notice to all worldwide destinations, despite frequent requirement changes in many countries.

Please note: we only provide visa services for U.S. citizens and legal residents of the US, needing to travel outside of the U.S.


Translation Services

At Ambassador Passport and Visa Services, we provide a full array of Translation Services, including Certification, Document Authentications, Legalizations, and Apostil.



Whether you require a U.S. passport, a tourist or a business visa, our reliable and expert consultants can assist you. Need your passport or travel visa rushed? We can expedite.


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Green Bay, Wisconsin Visa
Greensboro, North Carolina Visa
Greenville, South Carolina Visa
Greenwich, Connecticut Visa
Harrisburg, Pennsylvania Visa
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Hialeah, Florida Visa
Hoboken, New Jersey Visa
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Indianapolis, Indiana Visa
Irvine, California Visa
Jackson, Mississippi Visa
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Portland, Oregon Visa
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Reno, Nevada Visa
Richmond, Virginia Visa
Roanoke, Virginia Visa
Rochester, Minnesota Visa
Rochester, New York Visa
Rockville, Maryland Visa
Sacramento, California Visa
Saginaw, Michigan Visa
Salt Lake City, Utah Visa
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Santa Barbara, California Visa
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Albuquerque, New Mexico Passport
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Ann Arbor, Michigan Passport
Appleton, Wisconsin Passport
Arlington, Texas Passport
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Aurora, Colorado Passport
Aurora, Illinois Passport
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Bellingham, Washington Passport
Beverly Hills, California Passport
Binghamton, New York Passport
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Boston, Massachusetts Passport
Buffalo, New York Passport
Burbank, California Passport
Burlington, Vermont Passport
Canton, Ohio Passport
Cedar Rapids, Iowa Passport
Century City, California Passport
Chandler, Arizona Passport
Charleston, South Carolina Passport
Charlotte, North Carolina Passport
Charlottesville, Virginia Passport
Chattanooga, Tennessee Passport
Chicago, Illinois Passport
Chula Vista, California Passport
Cincinnati, Ohio Passport
Cleveland, Ohio Passport
Columbus, Ohio Passport
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Covington, Kentucky Passport
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Dayton, Ohio Passport
Dearborn, Michigan Passport
Denver, Colorado Passport
Des Moines, Iowa Passport
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Dothan, Alabama Passport
Duluth, Minnesota Passport
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El Paso, Texas Passport
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Eugene, Oregon Passport
Evanston, Illinois Passport
Evansville, Indiana Passport
Fort Wayne, Indiana Passport
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Garden Grove, California Passport
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Grandville, Michigan Passport
Green Bay, Wisconsin Passport
Greensboro, North Carolina Passport
Greenville, South Carolina Passport
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Pasadena, California Passport
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Phoenix, Arizona Passport
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Passport
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Pomona, California Passport
Portland, Maine Passport
Portland, Oregon Passport
Princeton, New Jersey Passport
Raleigh, North Carolina Passport
Reno, Nevada Passport
Richmond, Virginia Passport
Roanoke, Virginia Passport
Rochester, Minnesota Passport
Rochester, New York Passport
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