Privacy Policy - Ambassador Passport and Visa Services


Client Information

In assisting travelers, information needs to be submitted by the customer to process a passport or a visa, or other services that are provided. It is our company’s policy that this information is kept secure, and treated with the utmost privacy and confidentiality. This information will only be given to necessary entities and individuals as required and authorized by us to work on your case.

All data is destroyed within 6 months and paper documents are shredded. We do not sell or allow customer data to be used for any other purpose whatsoever.

Cookies and Sessions

Our website does not track, collect or distribute personal information about its visitors without their consent. In order to continue to provide our customers the best experience and level of service, our website uses cookies that will track information about your visits to our web site. This allows us to obtain data on how a user came to us and what pages you visited while with us. This information is not tied to your personal information and is used to help us provide a higher level of service for our customers and website users.

Should you have any comments or further questions please contact us at or call us at 310-828-7878.

We reserve the right to make changes to our privacy policy.